The name 'Israel United' was given to David Michael ben Ephraim in a dream-vision of the night on October 19th, 2012 where he saw the leading princes of all of the 12 tribes of Israel (Dan was replaced by Manassah as in Revelation) unite together under one flag from all over the world and then return to Israel as an army in preparation for the great battle of Armageddon.

David Michael ben Ephraim
"Hebrew Cantor"
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Proposed Canons for the Communities of Israel United
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Ephrati Prophecies

Ephraim is the first born of Israel and the firstborn of Jehovah
  • Ephraim was blessed as the firstborn by Israel above Manassah his elder brother.  Genesis 48:19
  • Israel gave Ephraim (also named Joseph) a double portion of inheritance indicating he was chosen as his first born among the 12 tribes.  Genesis 48:22
  • Ephraim is chosen as Jehovah's first born above the other tribes.  Jeremiah 31:9
  • Ephraim (also called Joseph) as the first born of Jacob (Israel) leads the tribes of Reuban, Gad, Asher, Nepthalim, Manassah (replacing Dan) , Simeon, Issachar, Zebulan and Benjamin.  Levi and Judah are under Judah's princedom. All is ruled by King Y'Shua.   Revelation 7: 5
Ephraim now lost among the nations will remember who they are after the time of the gentiles is over. 
  • Israel (Ephraim) will be sown among the nations by Jehovah as lost wanderers. Hosea 9:17
  • Ephraim will be sifted among the nations as wheat but none will be lost.  Amos 9:9-14
  • Jehovah will sow them among the nations and they shall remember me.  Zechariah 10:9
  • Jehovah will have mercy upon Ephraim.  Jeremiah 31:20
  • When it is said you (Ephraim) are not my people, there it shall be said you are the sons of the living God.  Hosea 1:10
  • Jehovah caused both Judah and Ephraim to become confused but will reveal himself and who they are.  Isaiah 8:14
Jehovah will bring Ephraim out of the nations back to Israel
  • Jehovah will find the children of Israel [lost] among  the enemy and gather them again to the land of Israel.  Ezekiel 37:21
  • Jehovah says hear you nations and Isles where he scattered Ephraim and I will gather them back.  Jeremiah 31:10
  • A new covenant will Jehovah make with Ephraim in Messiah Y'Shua.  Jeremiah 31:31
Ephraim will gather in Gilead and Lebanon
  • When Ephraim returns to the middle East, they will first return to Lebanon and Gilead.  Amos 9:11
  • Judgment from the Tabernacle of David will occur in Moab. (Gilead is in Jordan which is in old Moab) Isaiah 16:5
  • Israel (Ephraim) will cast down its roots, smell as Lebanon  and grow as Lebanon.  Hosea 14:5-7
Ephraim and Judah Will be reunited under Y'Shua
  • Ephraim is the 'Watchman'  and protector of Judah and Israel.  Hosea 9:8
  • Judah is the bow and Ephraim is the arrow
  • Ephraim with Benjamin and Manassah will stir up Jehovah's strength to save Judah.  Psalm 80:2
  • The two sticks of Judah and Ephraim will be reunited as one stick in the hand of Jehovah. Ezekiel 37:15-20
The 'Tabernacle of David' will be raised up by Ephraim.  
  • In the end times, Jehovah will again raise up the Tabernacle of David.  Amos 9:11
  • Judgment from the Tabernacle of David will occur in Moab. (Gilead is in Jordan which is old Moab) Isaiah 16:5
  • Y'shua will rebuild the Tabernacle [of David] for israel and the gentiles to worship.  Acts 15:16-17
The Davidic priesthood paralleled the priesthood of Aaron.
  • When the Tabernacle of Moses was brought to Jerusalem by King David, the sons of David were referred to in Scripture as Chief Rulers which in Hebrew is Kohen  Rulers which literally translates as 'Priest Rulers'.  II Samuel 8:19. 
  • The Davidic priesthood is the continuation of the Melchizedek priesthood that began with Adam and carried through Noah, Abraham, Moses and then David from which Messiah Y'Shua descends as the final High Priest of this Order.
  • It is the Davidic Priesthood that will serve in the Tabernacle of David in the last days of the Tribulation period with the 144,000 being chosen (sealed) by YHWH for this priesthood.

Israel United
...a gathering of the 12 armies of the Jacob bloodline in protecting Jerusalem
Official home page of Israel United and its Communities

Israel United Flag

Flag of United Israel
The flag of 'Israel United' was confirmed by Jehovah to David Michael ben Ephraim as the flag of the resistance against the NWO and Satan.  This is the same Messianic Seal found in the tomb and catacombs of King David in Jerusalem dating to the first century used by the Nasari or Hebrew Christian Church.  It is  the symbol used by the first Hebrew believers inscribed on an Altar stone and vessels set aside for Christian rituals in obedience to the teachings of Y'Shua (Jesus). 

Mother Church in Jerusalem
This first Church was founded in Jerusalem by Y'Shua and the Holy Apostles and is the mother church of all churches with granted spiritual supremacy over all churches in the world including Rome, Constantinople and Antioch.  Although this may not be acknowledged by other churches, it is well known as true among the spiritual hosts and court of heaven.

Canons of the Hebrew Church
The Canons for the communities of Israel United are in development.  The link that follows is a draft version of the Canons and may change as the Church develops.   See CANONS for more information.

David of the Ephrati
David Michael ben Ephraim descends directly from the princely line of the Royal House of the Ephrati symbolized by the royal Ephrati crest of the unicorn as found in Scripture for this house.  His male forbearers have carried the unicorn and crown as their symbol into battle long before participating in the 3rd Crusade of the 11th century for which Sir (Prince) Michael was knighted by King Richard I for breaking through the walls of Acre.  His mother traces her family line directly to King David of Israel through the High Kings of Ireland.   +David currently serves as the leader of  Glentivar Village.

Hermit Speaks Out
After 6 years of prayer while living alone as a hermit high (10,000 foot elevation) in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, David Michael ben Israel has now been led by YHWH to cry out for the ingathering of those of the bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) known as the 12 tribes of Israel to prepare for the coming final hour in earth's history.  Satan and his NWO forces will soon challenge Jehovah, the God of all Gods, to battle at the place called Armageddon north of Jerusalem.  True Israel must be there and be ready for battle when this occurs.

Most Modern Jews are Edomite Turks
The fact is the current modern 'religious' Jews today claiming Israelite descendency are largely traced to the genetic stock of Edomite Turks also known in the 8th century as the people of the Khazar Empire
(Ashkenazim) in what is now Eastern Russia.  They themselves admit they have no yDNA bloodline to Jacob (Israel) but rather to his brother Esau (Edom) who sold his royal birthright to Jacob for food.  Sadly, most of the modern Jews in Israel are NOT the people of promise described in the Bible as many misguided Christians suppose.  The real genetic Israel is yet to return to the promised land to then prepare to protect Jerusalem from the emerging antichrist regime. 

Returning to Israel
According to Scripture, the returning home of true Israel as the 'lost' 10 tribes will first be a gathering in the land of ancient Lebanon North of Jerusalem on the coastland.  They are also to gather at Gilead located to the North-West of Jerusalem across the Jordon River in the mountains of Jordan.  These locations are strategic since in biblical prophecy, the hordes of Gog and Magog will come down from the north to seek to ravage Jerusalem to enable the Antichrist to place Satan's Abomination of Desolation in the newly built Temple in Jerusalem.  Ezekiel 38-39

Abomination of Desolation
This Abomination of Desolation is in part a return to Babylonian goddess worship with the Babylonian mother and child (the Nephilim Nimrod reincarnated becoming  worshipped as both father and son) being given supremacy in a world religion over the power of the shed blood of Y'Shua.  This is the Great Whore and Harlot of John's Revelation who sits on 7 hills (7 continental groupings and/or the 7 hills of Rome) and is given power by seven kings of the NWO who rule over 10 Kingdoms of the earth. 

We are assured these seven kings are hereditary kings of the historic Holy Roman Empire given power to rule by the Roman Catholic Church in 538 AD and 800 AD and include the current ruling royal houses of Britain, France,  Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.  The other three kingdoms are ruled by the royal house of Karl Von Hapsburg by Papal degree with also rule over Jerusalem.

Tabernacle of David
It is our desire to rally the 12 tribes of Israel to unit in action by touring a replica of the Tabernacle of King David to strategic places around the world.   Our priests serving in this Tabernacle  are of Hebrew origin of the genetic line of King David as Davidic Priests also known to be of the Melchizedek priesthood.  This is not the Aaronic priesthood but an earlier priesthood with Y'Shua now as the high priest as declared in the NT book of Hebrews. 

If you would like to assist in this mission, please contact David Micahel ben Ephraim as soon as possible since time is short for all this to occur. 


David Michael ben Ephraim